Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S5 – My Review



Back in June I decided to trade in my Iphone 5 for a Samsung Galaxy S5 for no other reason to try something new for a bit. I tend to switch between Android and Apple phones when my upgrades become available through my phone provider.

The Galaxy S5 is the most powerful phone I have had to date but there are several pros and cons in my case:


  • Buggy Android version with battery life inconsistencies
  • Bloatware but not as bad as past android phones I have had
  • A little big to be used as my audio player in the gym
  • Bluetooth can be inconsistent (my wife’s S5 has the same issues)
  • The charge port protector that makes the phone water resistant feels cheap and prone to breaking


  • Amazing display with lots of room
  • Great picture and video capabilities
  • Lightning fast and responsive
  • The email and calendar functionality for Exchange is good
  • Google integration for all of your Google related services

Summary – It’s a good phone with several redeeming qualities however my Iphone 5 did feel quite a but more polished with it’s IOS user interface. Ultimately it’s about the user experience that works best for you and both Apple and Android are producing great phones these days.