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Parrot Security OS

I recently downloaded Parrot Security OS ( as an alternative to Kali Linux. It’s a pretty distro but I’ve encountered several bugs  that are mostly related to launching apps with […]

A few mod_security tips

Introduction The mod_security WAF is an open source web application firewall platform that highly tunable, scalable, and battle tested. WAFs are a requirement for various regulatory compliance frameworks and they are […]

Ubuntu 14.04 Apache Hardening Script 1.0

I’m always automating things for myself because I hate performing repetitive tasks over and over again. With that, I present to you a very basic Apache hardening script that you […]

Quick Ping Packetloss Script

This is not my finest work but I needed to put a ping packet loss test script together in a pinch that would log the result and run until I […]

18 Months Of Training Progress

As many of you know I started a health and fitness journey on April the 16th 2013. This video is a progress update of the last 18 months of work!