It’s critical to enable X-Forwarded-For Logging when behind a proxy or load balancer in order grab the true IP address of visitors.

To enable this in your IIS site follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select your website in the IIS management console. In this example, I have a test site called Ensure that the logging format is W3C then click –> Select Fields.

Step 2. From the Select Fields menu click –> Add Field.

Step 3. From the Add Custom Field form add the following entries for X-Forwarded-For as shown in the screenshot.

Step 4. Click –>OK

Step 5. On the actions menu in the upper right hand corner of the IIS manager click –>Apply

Conclusion: If everything went well you will now have a second IIS log in your logging directory with will have a postfix of _x (this indicates a custom log).
This log will now contain the true IPs of visitors that are connecting to your website.

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